We help you Incorporate your cultural identity though-out your facility using products with multiple value options. We work with your designers, architects and public relations coordinators to design in-room bedding and accessories with your identity that can be gifted to that special guest and VIP to maintain a positive warm impression of your facility and their experience.

We Coordinate awards, loyalty and gift shop merchandise to create your unified message and encourage the desirable behavior you need from your targeted patrons in specific demographic groups. We help you encourage your staff using an acknowledgement system to recognize and appreciate their service to our organization. Aknowledgement supports optimal work and leaves your guests satisfied and impressed. Your guest is your best form of advertising. A happy guest is indispensable. An unhappy guest is not a little problem, multiply this by 50.


FFE ? Total design and manufacturing solutions for your all your mill work from our certified Green manufacturing facility. Design, procurement and logistics. Total in room furniture and open space area solutions. Bathroom countertops. Luxury suites and efficiencies. Incorporate your cultural colors and symbols (when appropriate) into your bedding, robes, throw pillows, desk sets. Develop an award gifting program for your guests and VIPS with retail options. Offer room accessories for purchase in store or on line.


Treat Loyalty like Royalty?? We will first work with your current data analusts to gather statistics that can guide our decisions on rewards and incentives. This can be a mix of year-round and seasonal items. We will work with your marketing department, player tracking and your executive hosts to develop a special tailored awards and redemption programs directed toward YOUR guest. We will create immediate gratification programs, traffic building events, redemption though mail-out catalogs, flyers, and online catalogs and social media, gift store or kiosks. We will be unique to your criteria.


Incentives will motivate your patrons and your staff. Food enticements will motivate your guest to come to your facility but not to play the slots or table games. Inexpensive giveaways with your logo are not incentives to motivate positive behavior or create loyalty. Giveaways are a PR tool to keep your name in front of the patron. It is advertising.


We will help you determine who you need to motivate, when and how. We will create a redemption campaign which will continue to keep you guests encouraged and make them feel entitled when they achieve their status level. We will create loyalty and continuity when competitive factors cause a dip in traffic. We will provide products that your patrons will value We will help you reduce the point liabilities that remain on your balance sheet.


The customer is not always right, but you will always need to make sure that they think they have won something. Your patron is a guest. A VIP and a wanna-be VIP needs recognition. You cannot gamble with your patrons? loyalty. It costs 3x as much to find a player to replace them.


You can retail your redemption program. You can initiate a ?buy up points program? which allows your patron to buy points to redeem a product. You establish the redemption per dollar and you determine the retail price of the item. You have a great store with great products that your players will want to buy, use and wear or gift to others.


Your client will know that you are serious about their experience. Exclusive charters equal loyal clients that will feel like they are being catered to, because they are. Our charters are selected from our preferred list of providers offering the very best in luxury and accomodations.